Automate Listing Monitoring with 24/7 Customizable Alerts

Protect Your Business – We Keep Eyes on Every Product

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Every Detail Is Monitored and Tracked On Any Listing

Save Time & 10X Your Productivity

No more manual listing monitoring. Enhance your workflow and save time and money with automated inventory, sales, marketing, and review alerts.

Protect Your Walmart Business

Protect your business of any size with features including: alert integrations, product groups, and individual reports.

Safeguard Your Listings

Track competitor products for changes in rank, price, content, or status. Stay on top of the competition and beat them at their own game.

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Walmart Alerts

Automated Brand Protection

Beyond ongoing alerts to listing and inventory changes, we identify hijackers, and automated responses to negative reviews.

Walmart Alerts

Customizable, Scaleable UI

Walmart Alerts can be used for any number of products – including competitors.

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Walmart Alerts Pricing

Protect your business with real-time inventory alerts, listing alerts, negative value alerts and moreall in one dashboard.

Less than 10 SKUs
11-100 SKUs
$1.35 per SKU per Month
Example: If you have a total of 40 SKUs, you will pay $40.50 per month (40-10 free = 30 x $1.35)
101-500 SKUs
$1.05 per SKU per Month
Example: If you have a total of 450 SKUs, you will pay $462 per month (450-10 free = 440 x $1.05)
More than 500 SKUs
$0.75 per SKU per Month
Example: If you have a total of 1000 SKUs, you will pay $742.50 per month (1000-10 free = 990 x $0.75)

Your price will be set automatically, based on how many SKU’s you enter. If you add or decrease SKUs at a later stage, then the pricing too will automatically change.


Q: Can you I decide how often to check?

A: Yes you may. Our pricing is flexible. You can set how often you want us to check listings.

Q: Can I get results exported to Slack?

A: Yes – we can upload directly to your Slack accounts.

Q: Is this suitable for Agencies?

A: Yes, this makes managing an agency easier, as we do the heavy lifting of keeping an eye on all your listings.

Existing Stores AND New Sellers are Trusting WallySmarter To Grow Their Businesses.

“I love how WallySmarter makes everything so simple. I get that theres a ton of data – but I need to see only whats important to me… to get more sales and make more money.”

Dave G – Migrating his Amazon business into

“When I started on 4 years ago, there were still profitable niches to find. Now, Amazon is over-traded while Walmart offers better opportunities to new sellers. Thank goodness WallySmarter shows me exacly what to focus on.”

Raquel Z – Experienced Online E-commerce seller

“Data is king. I choose what to sell based on how many units similar products sell – and that data must be accurate. Its unbelievable how WallySmarter have such a large, and real-time updated, database of how much each product sells.”

Jorge B – Amazon FBA Expert

Join The Amazon.Com Revolution are growing 40% year on year. They are active looking for 3rd party sellers – and we help those 3d party sellers win.

WallySmarter's Walmart Chrome Extension


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